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Contributed by Paula Perrin, Sr. Market Analyst, SHR

What was Moody doing before SHR Rzr?

We would gather and compile the data in an excel spreadsheet weekly to present 30/60/90 days of data. This was time consuming but worked for our property.

What prompted you to try Rzr?

Matt Braddy, my client specialist, asked if we would like to beta test the project. I am new to revenue management and was interested to see the type of data it would provide. It turned out to be a great asset; allowing us to decipher large amounts of data in a timely manner with better and more precise information.

Did you have any special training in RM before using Rzr?

I started in 2010 for Moody, managing the Front Office. About 3 years ago, we hired an RM but unfortunately, she left, so I dove into the opportunity to help out and learned on the job.

What are your main uses for Rzr?

  • Forecasting

I look at more historic info now because I can access it quickly. What did we do last year and what has changed? What is growing and what do we need to look at for next year? Seasonality is a big deal for us, and Rzr really helps with forecasting because the numbers are reliable.

  • Channel Performance

I also use Rzr to see what channels are performing and which are not so we can tend to them more logically. We can handle more channels now, in theory, because it’s easier.

  • Market Reports

Where are our transient markets? What about pace reports? Length of stay? Which markets are picking us up? Are our marketing dollars being spent in the right place? It used to take me hours to try to go through 50 pages of data to answer that question. But there is so much info available in Rzr now that I can answer that question easily, and within minutes.

Any effects on your staff since starting Rzr?

Our revenue managers are saving all kinds of time and energy with SHR Rzr. This is because it can locate information so quickly and dive into analytics, then we can export it in Excel to bring it to a meeting, which is amazing.

Has your time management improved?

With my found time, I can work on other projects instead of searching for the same info over and over. I can change rates faster and check competitors’ rates too. I can work on maintaining parity in Windsurfer instead of pulling endless reports by hand.

What are your favorite things about SHR Rzr?

The very first thing I wanted to use was the pick-up analysis feature! I haven’t tried the daily booking curve yet, but I like the calendar already and the reservations report.

My boss doesn’t question my numbers anymore. If they don’t understand where something came from, I can just turn my laptop around and show them. Now they understand what I’m saying is true because they can see it for themselves. I feel like the numbers in Rzr are more reliable, too, because there is a lot less human error to deal with. Rzr gives me a lot more confidence.

What are your future goals concerning Rzr?

We are always looking for increased ADR and RevPAR, of course. We’ve been flat on occupancy, so we want to grow the revenue. And now that we have our transient business in line, we need to get group next. We’re 50-50 between the two currently. Now that we have Rzr, I know we’ll get where we need to go.

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