The first 10 minutes of this conversation is great. The next 10 minutes? A can't-miss!

Clip 1. Nicole is seeing OTA's getting their fair share of bookings during the COVID-19 crisis. Charlie sees hotels falling into two buckets coming out of the crisis: 1. Opportunists - Never before have guests spent so much time on hotel websites, and never before has there been such a high risk of cancellations. 2. Cautious - Understandably freaked out with budget cuts, nervous about spending marketing dollars, so let the OTA market their hotel. While Andrew sees hotels struggling with the customer service from OTAs and Google along with a lack of in-house marketing budget and skill set. All three see maintaining a mix of channels is important.


Charlie Osmond, CEO of Triptease, Andrew Warner, CMO of Digital Hotelier, and our own, Nicole Adair, Director of Revenue Management Services.

Clip 2. Coming soon!