The distribution landscape is complicated, and getting more so every day. You work hard for your hotel, and want to make the right choices. But there are just so many questions, so much confusion swirling around modern hospitality technology, it can leave you feeling lost. Just another customer—just another number.You’re not alone. Time and time again, new clients tell us that they are looking for more than just great technology. They want a personal experience, one where they know their needs matter, where they can have a voice in the hospitality conversation. At SHR, we get this, and we believe we are in a unique position to help. Here’s why.

Much like a hotel, our culture is client-centric. Our support staff, like yours, is smart, attentive, and dedicated to client satisfaction. Many of them, including our revenue, client experience, and technical support managers, have come straight from hands-on careers in hotels prior to joining SHR. As former hoteliers, they have faced the same challenges you face every day. They know what you’re going through, because they’ve been where you are. And they are actively committed to transferring their knowledge to help your hotel reach its goals.

But we know you need it all. In addition to excellent support, you want a smooth implementation, and mindful security. Plus, the best distribution technology on the market. At SHR, we want what you want. Our personal support commitment, combined with the technical maturity of SHR, ensures that no matter which way you need to go, we can pivot with you and do what it takes to keep you competitive.

With us, you’re not a number. Not today, not tomorrow. It is in this spirit that we invite you to come experience the difference that is SHR.


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